The following information attempts to answer many of the Frequently Asked Questions for the 2015 - 2016 Western Buckeye Volleyball Club season.

Club Meeting

Western Buckeye will NOT hold an informational meeting prior to the try outs.  We believe we can communicate the necessary information through our website, and we don’t want to take any more time out of your often busy schedules.  As always, if you need other answers, please contact Sarah Miller at coachmiller@westernbuckeye.com



What you get

The following is included in your club fee- all practice time, coaches salaries, and tournament entry fees. No additional money will be required unless individual teams decide to do something extra like order team socks etc.  Our fees do include all travel expenses for our coaches- you WILL NOT be asked for additional money to cover any additional coaching expenses.



All practices will be held at The Academy Impact Point in Springboro, Ohio.  Each team will practice 2 times per week.  Generally speaking, each team will have one practice during the week and one during the weekend.  Weekend practices will not occur for an individual team when they have a tournament scheduled.  Days and times will be determined after try out for each team. We do not pre-determine days and times, because we look at the make-up of each team and try to minimize any conflicts on a team-by-team basis.  Contact Sarah if you need more info.



Tournament dates are unknown until late December. If the options are available, our teams will be entering 1-day tournaments.  We will try to schedule tournaments that do not require more than 2.5 hrs for travel (most will be much closer) so that players and parents do not have to incur overnight hotel expenses.  Each team will be scheduled for 6 regular season tournaments (or 6 tournament playing days if entered into a 2 day event) and the OVR Regional Championships in Columbus for a total of 7 tournaments for all 13U-18U teams.  Girls playing on a 10U-12U team will play in 3 regular season tournaments


Length of Season


Number of teams

Western Buckeye anticipates fielding 6 to 8 teams this season.  We are prepared to have single teams at all age groups from 10 – 18 years of age.  If we do not have enough skilled athletes at a particular age group, we reserve the right to not field a team at that age group.  If this occurs, we will consider having a second team at another age group as we have done in the past.  Also, if we are overwhelmed with talented athletes at a particular age group, we may consider fielding a 2nd team.  Our goal is to field COMPETITIVE Regional and American level teams and to develop individual players. 


Try outs

We will have a separate try out for each age group (only 17’s & 18’s are together).  We have made this change so that we give each player a better opportunity to be evaluated by all coaches and evaluated by the Western Buckeye staff.  Please bring the necessary forms already completed to the try out session.  To give you the best chance to receive an offer, please try out with the youngest age group or grade level most appropriate for you.  We may still make offers to have players play up in age. 


All Western Buckeye coaches have experience coaching in the Ohio Valley Region and also have experience coaching at local High Schools or Junior Highs.  We are proud of this fact.